4 Ways to Maximise Your Social Media Presence with Made in Yorkshire

By Made in Yorkshire News
schedule17th Feb 20


Regardless of whether the manufacturing industry loves it or hates it, social media has infiltrated all corners of our personal and business lives. And it isn’t going away any time soon...

Whether you are a seasoned social media-er or relatively new to the game, there’s a few ways you should be making the most of your Made in Yorkshire membership, to give you an edge over your digital competition.

Keep reading to discover the 4 top tips our digital specialists have put together in regards to using social media as a Made in Yorkshire member.


1. Connect With Other Members


As part of a manufacturing and engineering community, you should be utilising the likes of LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook as they can provide great opportunities to network with fellow members of the manufacturing community.

The people which you choose to follow impacts your business intelligence and who can see your content. Therefore, making sure to follow all of your fellow members will keep you in the loop of industry affairs and give you more scope for conversation when attending Made in Group networking events. 




2. Share Your Microsite Articles 


Recirculating articles throughout your social media networks is a great way to boost traffic to your content and increase brand exposure on multiple channels.

When posting your microsite articles out, be sure to tag Made in Yorkshire so that we can work together to maximise on the amount of people who get to interact with you online.


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3. Keep Up to Date with the Latest News


If you haven’t already, make sure you’re following Made in Yorkshire on all of the relevant social channels - namely Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This is vital to ensure you are getting all of the latest news regarding your membership, straight from the horses mouth. 

For example, it’s no secret that many of our networking events are extremely popular. Therefore, following us on as many channels as popular will give you the best chance of keeping up to date with this, alongside other important information which will allow you to maximise on the value of your membership.




4. Promote Your Engagement 


Engagement is the number one goal of any successful business’s social media strategy. 

Therefore, you should use your activity within the Made in Group - such as attending events - as an opportunity to connect with members and maximise engagement throughout your digital network. By tagging multiple other people, you are far more likely to get your content reposted, shared and liked throughout the membership group - maximising social media engagement in the process. 

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Don’t Be a Stranger


If you aren’t engaging with us on social media, you simply aren’t making the most of your membership. Make sure to stay engaged with all of the Made in Group social accounts, follow our LinkedIn, and join the online community!