Backing Britain campaign heads to Yorkshire

By Made in Yorkshire News
schedule7th Nov 19

The Back Britain campaign heads to Made in Yorkshire on 29th November at Made in member’s premises Outokumpu, and will introduce eight industry leaders and Made members as keynote speakers for the event. 

31st October marked the launch of the Backing Britain campaign at RAF Museum in Cosford, where Midland’s manufacturers gathered to discuss how they can back Britain and create a community within UK manufacturing. 

Backing Britain was launched in order to act as a beacon of hope during these uncertain times within the UK government. Founder and Director of the Made in group, Jason Pitt said: 

“This is a time for manufacturers to create an example of unity, to inspire and restore confidence in Britain. Our new Backing Britain campaign will visit major cities and towns in the Midlands and Yorkshire over the next 12 months. These events will be open to members and non-members and feature speakers from the membership and inspiration stories.”

The event will include presentations from industry leaders on how manufacturers across the nation can promote British Industry to safeguard its future and create a lasting legacy. Keynote speakers for this event include:  Marie Cooper, Group CEO of CBE+, David Masters, Group Managing Director of OE Electrics, Lisa Pogson, Managing Director of Airmaster Air Conditioning, Bradley McBain, Managing Director of MBA Engineering, Alastair Morris, Sales Director of Pryor Marking Technology, Allan Joyce, Managing Director of Balmoral Tanks, Ian Brown Director of Technologies at Teconnex, Ian Holdsworth, Managing Director of Outokumpu and Ian Harrison, Managing Director of Pennine Pneumatic Services. 

Prior to the event on 29th November, we spoke to some of the keynote speakers to find out why they decided to be part of the campaign and how their companies are Backing Britain. David Masters, Managing Director OE Electrics said: 

“We have been a member of Made in Yorkshire for more than 2 years as it is important for us to network and do everything we can to back UK manufacturing.”

David hopes attendees take away something positive from the campaign and eliminate the negativity around the UK as a country. When asked how OE Electrics are Backing Britain he said: 

“We are in a sector where our competitor’s products are manufactured outside the UK, but we manufacture in the UK and source as much product as we can locally. Maintaining UK jobs is important to us, which is  why we buy UK” 

Bradley Mcbain, Managing Director of MBA Engineering wanted to take part in the event as a keynote speaker to “fulfil a greater good”, he said:  

“I would like to be a part of something that may assist with putting UK manufacturing at a level where it is looked upon as innovative and resilient.”

He also said he hopes the event inspires other manufacturers and those within the industry to share this vision:

 “I hope the event helps in creating a supportive culture in UK manufacturing and inspire others to be part of it”. 

Ian Holdsworth is the Managing Director for Outokumpu, where the Backing Britain campaign is being held. Ian wanted to be a part of the campaign and hold the event at their facility in hope to bring a sense of positivity to manufacturing in the UK. Ian said:

“I sense many people feel deflated by the downturn at the moment and I think having this event is a perfect forum to help restore confidence, that we are doing well given all the uncertainty.”

 In response to how the company is Backing Britain Ian said:

“We manufacture in the UK as part of a complex integrated supply chain and strive to offer more support in terms of technology through our products, with the aim of giving our UK customers a competitive edge. We highly support Made in Yorkshire so felt it was the right thing to do to be part of the Backing Britain campaign.”

 “Supporting UK manufacturing is about sharing best practice and ideas and any good news to inspire each other to improve.”

“We are also Backing Britain through investment and employing 580 UK residents”.

You can be part of the Backing Britain campaign too, by clicking the link below to get your tickets, all of the proceeds will go to Rotherham Hospice.