Made to hold a Social Gala once Coronavirus crisis is over

By Made in Yorkshire News
schedule6th Apr 20

CEO of the Made in  Group, Jason Pitt, recently announced the cancellation of the annual Made in Group exhibitions due to current circumstances. However, following this, the group announced that they will be holding an immersive virtual exhibition called Backing Britain Live 2020 which includes all of the benefits of a physical event, minus the risk. Guests will have the opportunity to network with exhibiting manufacturers and receive a goodie bag which includes the Backing Britain book - showcasing exhibitors and manufacturing heroes. 

One of the major aspects of the Made in Group is the social events they hold regularly through the year, in the name of networking, celebrating and best practice. Therefore Jason recently declared, in a letter to members followed by a video, that the Group has plans to hold a massive celebration once it is safe to do so. Though they can not confirm a date yet, Jason said:

“We want to do a mega social gala for everybody - free beers, free dinner and whatever we can afford.  We want to put on the best event we possibly can, to thank our members because what people are going through now is incredibly tough and we need to keep spirits as high as possible. I look forward to the day we can announce the date of the event.” 

In the recent letter to members of the Made group, Jason mentioned that the event will merge every social event the group has ever done and made the social gala “something extraordinary.” In his last comments in the letter he said:

“I want to thank every member and director and employee of the Made community, we are resilient, and we will get through this.

It is more important than ever that we keep the community connected, informed, and we must be vigilant. If you can work together, now is the time to share resources, reach out to one another and stay safe.”

You can find out more about the Backing Britain Live event, due to take place over two weeks in August by heading to: For tickets to the event, go to