Why Do I Need a Microsite If I Already Have a Website?

By Made in Yorkshire News
schedule31st Jan 20

What Exactly Is a Microsite?


A microsite is an individual web page or a small cluster of web pages that exists outside of your company’s homepage and acts as an entirely discrete entity. Made in Yorkshire members are able to reap the benefits of this self-contained micro website with its own personalised URL.

With a personalised social media microsite, you can capture visitors from the Made in Yorkshire homepage, utilise the search directory to contact relevant companies, capitalise on the vast array of external links to your unique digital space and much more. When used correctly, they can also be an excellent addition to the SEO strategy of your brand. 



Quick Tips to Supercharge Your Microsite:

  • Bold, clear banner image featuring company logo
  • Link all (active) social channels
  • Consistent, professional headshots in “Team” section
  • Upload articles every 4-8 weeks (minimum)
  • Showcase testimonials from industry professionals
  • Use unique content
  • Backlink from own site using Made in Yorkshire logo
  • Reach out to the team for help!




How Are Microsites Used Differently to a Website?


The major difference between a microsite and a static landing page on your main website is that a microsite will typically focus on its own specific theme. 

Generally speaking, businesses often use microsites as a wholly separate entity from their main website, in order to focus on a singular goal, product, service or marketing campaign. 

Made in Yorkshire members have the primary domain of “.madeinthemidlands” attached to their microsite URL, following on them their personal company name (the sub domain). With this unique URL, there is the expectation amongst users and Google alike that the microsite will serve a unique function, with its own unique content, to that of the primary website. 

If Google is convinced that your microsite provides this unique purpose, then backlinking between here and your primary website can bring fantastic benefits for SEO on both sides of the coin. Which ultimately gives Made in Yorkshire members a head start, through their membership itself offering an inherently unique motive.



Supercharge Brand Exposure with a Microsite Review 


Solely creating a “micro” version of your company homepage, which is refined to appeal more specifically to the Made in the Midlands network and achieve your goals, is the most common strategy used by members. 

However, the more temporal and easily changeable nature of microsites, compared to company homepages, make them a great platform for exploring new opportunities within a safe environment.


Some great alternate examples of how you could cultivate unique and relevant microsite content which maximises exposure and gets the right eyes on your digital profile, include: 

  • Providing further details about a specific service 
  • Announcing a new product or solution launch
  • Promoting an upcoming event
  • Experimenting with a rebrand
  • Publishing study results
  • Promoting lead generation campaigns
  • Highlighting what Yorkshire manufacturing means to you!


To get the ball rolling on cultivating an innovative social media microsite strategy which fulfills company objectives and maximises the benefits of your membership, please get in touch with the Made in Group’s specialist digital team.